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August 13th, 2005

12:28 am: Urk... This... thing hasn't been used in a while. Uh...


I love you, Kitara. I miss you, wherever you are, wh... whatever you're doing. ._.

~♥ Noroi


What'd I miss?



Stupid brat. >.>



That was completely uncalled for.


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July 2nd, 2005

12:47 pm: I don't want to worry anyone needlessly. So I'm going to skip over a bunch of stuff.

I took Noriaki home. His attachment to the memories regarding the old tree is the only reason he's still on Earth, so I was worried he'd either go back or leave entirely. I very selfishly had Hao-sama keep him in and around the house.

I'm pretty sure Noriko's been watching me. I'm scared she'll find something big she can tell Mom and...

I think Hao-sama threatened Noriaki with rape to stop him from being so snarky. I know he wouldn't actually do it, though! Noriaki doesn't. But he's still trying to be as a big a brat he can without crossing the 'rape' line. *cue Dennis Leary's Asshole song* He used to be a sweet boy -- I think I did that to him. I was the bratty kid way back when -- Hao-sama remembers, too. Up until that happened... Maybe a little after that, too, when it was just me and Hao-sama.

I saw a Chinese movie called 6AM the other day. It was about these two guys called Noodle and Bowl who borrowed money from this guy that went by Serpent. 6AM, daybreak, was when they were going to die for some reason (I don't have a very good memory...) and Bowl was in love with Noodle's sister who actually kind of hated him and something happened to make her want to kill herself and...
...Oh! Noodle had a giant crush on one of the Twins (You know, the Chinese pop duo?), Gillian I think, and he used the money they made to pay the director of a movie they were making to put him and Bowl in it as these crazy guys. xD She said she wanted them to kiss each other to prove his love for her (sort of in the movie) and so Noodle basically raped Bowl's mouth. xDD;
There were also some big things going on in their families... I think Bowl's mom was a prostitute, but they didn't use that for comedy -- it was very serious. He gave her enough money to go to France, because she always wanted to go, and she started talking about how she tried so hard to raise him to be a good boy, and he's thinking, "Well, I just got drunk with my friend, did underground gambling, made out with my best friend, and am about to die. This really sucks." The few scenes that happened around there were so sad... The ones with Noodle and Bowl visiting their families, and then the one where they go back to where they were supposed to meet and they both start to cry at the same time, then Noodle makes Bowl talk to his sister and she tells him "I don't like you at all. I'm only playing along because my brother told me to." and... yeah. She was a jerk, but in the end she discovers the notes he dropped into the tree when she passed by on the way back from her school and it was such a pretty scene. ;-;

It was a funny movie with a very serious undertone. I want to see it again sometime. I think it said that one of the actors was named Kenny Kwan.

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May 31st, 2005


~♥ Noroi

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May 29th, 2005

09:51 pm: A quiz.Collapse )

How strange. Am I like that? Though, I guess you shouldn't trust everything a quiz result tells you. ^^

~♥ Noroi

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May 24th, 2005

05:57 am: I made that broom myself, ya know. >.>

;_; Mari hates humans...

‼ Macchi ‼

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May 20th, 2005

06:23 pm: I don't see why I should continue trying to be nice to Jeff if he doesn't leave Kitara alone, too. >.>

Iprobablywillanyway. x_x

~♥ Noroi


I learned all of the words to Miko Miko Nurse! x3;;

You're not going to try to annoy Hao-sama with it again, are you?

....No. Dx I can't remember the number of times the chorus is repeated.

-.- .......Where's Kanna? Mari hasn't seen her for a while.



xD Just kidding!


Anyway... I hadn't even noticed she was gone.

Kanna is hardly ever noticed. Mari feels sorry for her.


......No. ._.

‼ Macchi ‼

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May 8th, 2005

08:37 am: ....It wore off that quickly? =/

~♥ Noroi

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May 1st, 2005

09:27 am: Okayokayokay.


I still miss Noriaki. x_x;;; I shouldn't have left him there, but then, I'm not entirely sure he could be moved to another place. That's what's kept him here, you know. Memories from that stupid tree.

I wonder where Noriko is. =.= If she is plotting something I'll kill her. But then Mom would come and find me and kill me. =/ ....Maybe then I could bring Noriaki here! *_____*

Wait, that's a stupid plan. ....I smell cheese. Melted cheese. That means.... LINEAR IN AN APRON BREAKFAST!

~♥ Noroi


x____X Leave her alone!

-=Mag the great adventurer!=-

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09:22 am: Avery's poking me to write another journal! It's not like she's READING. I don't care if you hate it when people update very seldom....ly? Is that a word?


~♥ Noroi


People with glasses aren't automatically smart. -.-

-- Mizuhara Koyomi



~♥ Noroi




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April 23rd, 2005

10:10 am: This is really useful. What I can't say out loud, I can say here. But... how do you go to the next line? ~Linear


♥♥♥ Linearissocuteonthecomputer.

~♥ Noroi

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